Context is the Catalyst for Your Digital Transformation.

Context Catalyst: Context-as-a-Service.

With Context Catalyst, every experience can produce better business results with hyperlocal relevancy and precise timing.

Context Catalyst - our cloud-based context service - enables professional developers to build applications that are natively context-aware. We provide the context. You develop the app and manage the experience. Once integrated, citizen developers can curate and rewire context without writing code.

What if it were easy to harmonize and fuse your 1st party data with 3rd party data to create actionable context?
What if it were inexpensive to create business-rule driven triggers that are useful to your application?
What if there were simple, well-documented API’s that enabled delivery of contextual-intelligence on demand?

Context APIs at your service. Build. Adapt. Transform.

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One Platform. Two Products. Unlimited Potential.

Connected Store: manage, message, measure contextually relevant digital + physical experiences.

DS-IQ Platform: the Dynamic Shopper Intelligence technology that unlocks the power of context.

Connected Store™ DS-IQ Platform

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