Back to School Offers Timed to Help Parents

Contextual offers timed to align with staggered school start dates, local store sales patterns and inventory.

A mass retailer asked DS-IQ to activate and optimize a nationwide omni channel campaign for Back-to-School supplies for all their stores. Analysis of historical point of sale and store buying patterns showed that parents buy different product categories in a specific cadence prior to their children's school open date. First clothing, then supplies, and later lunch solutions. The problem: how to trigger messages dynamically for 14,000 different school districts and 1000s of SKUs?    

DS-IQ had the answer

DS-IQ's Connected Store dynamically triggered messages for the right products at the right time, based on staggered school start dates from late July thru early September.

Automation and machine learning optimized messaging across three channels for each store individually: email, Facebook and In-store digital

  • Key product categories were tailored to store preferences
  • Timing was aligned with school start dates, shifting shopper needs and sales patterns
  • Product picks and offers were optimized around inventory in each store

Smarter Sales

  • 3.8 billion impressions
  • The top 4 offers for each store were reinforced via email
  • 2X increase social media engagement vs. non-contextualized BTS posts
  • 5% store level category lift 


Precise store-by-store messages at just the right time to buy.

  • Helped retailer win the second most important buying season of the year.
  • Optimized around 8 weeks variation in national start dates.
  • Synchronized across email, Facebook, in-store digital network.


Context matters.

Context is an emerging imperative for every business that needs to aim for precisely timed experiences, campaigns, and promotions across geographic and virtual communities.

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