Day-Parting with Context Lifts Category

Smart day-parting of messaging drives cell phone trade-ups.

A major consumer electronics retailer asked DS-IQ to improve message targeting and sales performance for its cellphone trade-up campaign. The concept was to use context - when phone sales were highest store-by-store - to craft a dynamic messaging program. This retailer had a general idea about weekly sales patterns for the category, but knew that variations could be dramatic.  They needed an efficient, data-driven way to localize messages at the times most likely to generate customer purchases.

DS-IQ's Connected Store identified store-level sales patterns, then optimized message delivery.

DS-IQ’s technology monitored sales and traffic patterns by store to score the best performing day parts. How different messages drove purchase was also tracked. Continuous optimization was applied over a 15-week time frame to boost performance and maximize media value. The retailer was able to capitalize on the best day-part to message in each store.

Impressive results: significant lift in new smart phones, prepaid airtime and $4 MM overall category.

  • Promotional messages were automatically prioritized, localized, synchronized, and activated.
  • Holiday traffic and peak periods were leveraged to produce highest observed sales during top performing day-parts.
  • Multiple screens throughout the store featured promos for cellphone trade-in and trade-up to new smartphones to generate awareness; longer-form content in the mobile department closed the deal.
  • DS-IQ continuously monitored sales patterns and time of day to dynamically adjust messages to grow consumer response over the life of the campaign.

Complexity Delivered at Massive Scale

For this national retailer, managing complexity at speed was key. DS-IQ's Connected Store analytics identified the right products to promote by channel and by store, then its built-in programming and activation automated the playout of content to coincide with those windows of opportunity. Each store's programming was optimized to generate the greatest customer response.




DS-IQ Delivers Spot-On Communications

  • 400+ MM impressions delivered across national store footprint
  • Featured brands generated $1+ MM in phone sales and $2.5+ MM in pre-paid airtime
  • Overall category rose $4+ MM over prior period


  • Offers featured low price point relative to the category
  • Call-to-action urgency asked shoppers to “buy right now”
  • Clear product-benefit focus ran with sufficient screen time and frequency
  • Inventory context assured only in-stock products were offered

Context matters.

Context is an emerging imperative for every business that needs to aim for precisely timed experiences, campaigns, and promotions across geographic and virtual communities.

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