Cold Weather Heats Up Sales

Automated Weather Triggers Drive Sales Lift for Important CPG Categories

For certain categories like hot cocoa, the first cold snap of the season is an opportunity to capture sales. The key is winning mindshare just as the weather turns cold.

Easier said than done. Because cold weather doesn’t happen predictably or uniformally, it’s difficult to execute a responsive campaign store-by-store across a large chain. And perceptions of cold vary – what feels cold in Miami isn't what feels cold in Milwaukee.

The DS-IQ Answer

A major cocoa brand wanted to launch messages in one of the nation's largest chains, just when the weather reminded shoppers to think about cozy, warm drinks.  DS-IQ’s Connected Store synchronized contextual targeting, shopper pattern analyses, and dynamic weather triggers to launch precise store-by-store digital messages. 


Cold Weather = Strong Sales

cold weather sales

DS-IQ's Connected Store identified exactly when to activate messages in alignment with local store weather patterns. Media and impressions were activated when they would have the most sales impact. They weren't wasted on locations with warm weather conditions. 

day 1
day 3
day 5

Changing Weather Conditions Requires Contextual Intelligence

  • Greatest sales opportunity occurs with first cold snap –one chance to get it right.
  • Arrival of cold weather varies year to year and store to store.
  • Perception of “cold” varies.
  • Messaging must be synchronized locally: email, social media, in-store digital network. 

Scope & Results

  • Messaged triggered dynamically across thousands of stores.
  • Transformed a single national campaign into thousands of uniquely relevant campaigns.
  • Most stores were triggered at some point in the campaign calendar window.
  • Media efficiency was improved by excluding hot weather stores.   

200% FB engagement

94% Stores triggered

3.3% Sales lift

Context matters.

Context is an emerging imperative for every business that needs to aim for precisely timed experiences, campaigns, and promotions across geographic and virtual communities.

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