Context Helps Shoppers Be Prepared

Predictive flu trigger activates offers for OTC cold & flu products on a store-by-store basis

A mass drug retailer wanted to let shoppers know when the flu was about to hit in their area so they could promote OTC cold and flu remedies, facial tissue, humidifiers, vaporizers and related items.  Best results come from synchronizing messages across channels and aligning the timing of campaigns with hyper-local triggers.


The DS-IQ remedy

Using DS-IQ's proprietary flu index trigger, and capitalizing on historical context, inventory data and same-store sales patterns, DS-IQ's Connected Store operationalized a program to localize offers for the cold and flu season. 

DS-IQ's technology ranked and delivered product offers based on local health climate, inventory and sales patterns to present shoppers with the most relevant mix and match offers at any given moment.

  • DS-IQ's proprietary flu index trigger tracked local flu conditions.
  • DS-IQ alerted local Facebook fans of flu spikes in their area with contextually-triggered Facebook posts matching in-stock inventory SKUs and offers.
  • This included suggesting products to purchase at the best moment based on local store traits. 
  • Over time, the campaign triggered nearly 100% of stores on a rolling basis, monitoring as sales of cough & cold goods peaked store-by-store.

Complexity Delivered at Massive Scale

DS-IQ's Connected Store delivered across thousands of stores, hundreds of SKU's and constantly changing conditions. The built-in marketing calendar and automation tools refined contextual messages in hundreds of unique combinations.  Mix and match offers across product categories were included to broaden shopper's basket selections. 

Healthier Sales

Data science delivered results. Shoppers not only made more trips and spent more per basket, but bought across significantly more product categories.


cold flu shopper

The Best Medicine

DS-IQ delivered a measureable sales boost. Shoppers were able to stock up on remedies before cold-flu hit their area.


  • Connected Store delivered cold-flu messages 10 days ahead of public health announcements.
  • Facebook engagement rate increased +30%.
  • Local Facebook Fan response, sharing and product reviews helped offers go viral.
  • Offers on the retailer's website were synchronized with Facebook.
  • Measured increase in stock-up trips, cross-aisle conversions and product trials.  


Context matters.

Context is an emerging imperative for every business that needs to aim for precisely timed experiences, campaigns, and promotions across geographic and virtual communities.

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