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Context marketing to influence shoppers
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Meet the world's first contextual marketing system

Shopping decisions are dynamic – they are influenced by context. Purchase decisions are made in the moment, so contextualization matches them stride for stride, predicting and adapting to what they’ll do based on situational data -- like location, pricing, weather, inventory, purchase history and promotions.

DS-IQ’s One-to-Best™ Marketing System is the only solution that combines contextualization and automation to engage and convert shoppers in the moment.  By using smart machines and powerful, algorithms, contextualization is a ground-breaking new marketing approach that drives precisely relevant messages at massive scale on any channel.

Built for the world’s largest retailers and brands, Dynamic Shopper Intelligence (DS-IQ) technology has been servicing grocery, mass, drug, and specialty retailers and brands since 2004.

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Breakthrough Marketing. Delivered.



Accelerating and amplifying
your digital marketing



Challenging the status quo
with powerful technology



Connecting millions of shoppers
to billions in sales

An investment in the One-to-Best™ Marketing System delivers contextualization advantage and the disruptive capability to leapfrog your competitors.   With over 10 years experience providing solutions at the speed of retail, you can trust DS-IQ to deliver breakthrough results.

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