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DS-IQ is Dynamic Shopper Intelligence. We power context-aware marketing.

Applications, Commerce and Marketing Systems, Web, Mobile, Email, Digital Signage

DS-IQ makes it easy to communicate with shoppers based on the conditions that most affect them - and your business. We provide unique technology that enables your applications, commerce, and marketing systems to automatically sense and adapt to context as it changes. Based on the strategy you set, your campaigns, merchandising, promotions, and personalization are tailored to dynamic local conditions in the digital and physical worlds.

Find out how powerful every consumer interaction and touch point can become with DS-IQ context:

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Marketers get big-time results with
real-time experiences.

It just makes sense. To be most helpful, your engagement should adapt to reflect the current events and local conditions that affect consumer wants and needs. The possibilities are endless. Upcoming championship game for the local team? Congratulate the team and feature HDTVs or tailgating solutions. See how DS-IQ has enabled the nexus of store-level context, communications, and customers to drive business growth:

One Platform. Two Products. Unlimited Potential.

Introducing the Dynamic Shopper Intelligence platform that unlocks the power of context. We aggregate, monitor, and put the smarts into a library of ready-to-use conditions. Then we fuse context with highly scalable system services and tools to empower your people. Your systems are connected programmatically via APIs and the magic begins. Learn more:

Connected Store™ Context Catalyst™ DS-IQ Platform

Over $1 Billion in Sales Lift for World-Leading Marketers.

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